About me

My name is Jorge, I am 34 years old, I love to travel and enjoy nature, I started climbing mountains since 2001, it was a hobby, but it is something that fascinates me a lot and I enjoy. In 2011 I became a Certified Local Guide of the Cotopaxi National Park, now I am preparing to obtain my certification as a National Tourism Guide of Ecuador. For more than 8 years I have provided unique experiences to travelers from all over the world and I know what they are looking for, going alone to the mountain can be dangerous for some people, so I could help and assist those looking for a different way of knowing Unique places by the hand of a local.
What I do? I help the adventurers who like nature trips and adventure sports lovers with no time to organize their trip, who want to know Ecuador in a different way, without tight itineraries, saving time, money and effort when organizing their trip, to They can enjoy more of their free time in their day to day and get a more authentic and personalized trip. I can organize your trip from start to finish, you just have to tell me what you want and how you want it, from buying the air ticket well in advance, until the day of return to your country or city, staying with a local family or spending the night in a property of more than 300 years of history, take the bus to reach your destination or have an exclusive transport for your transfer.

So! Do we plan your trip?

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