North Iliniza Summit

The ascent of Iliniza

Iliniza, located in the provinces of Pinincha and Cotopaxi, is one of the region´s most important reserves. In practice, it is a volcano with two peaks. The ascent of Ilizina norte (5.126 m) is not nearly as complicated as Ilizina sur (5.248 m).


Day 1: Departure from Quito in the early morning (meeting point after arrangement) to the nature reserve Ilinizas. After passing the Chaupi sector we reach the parking lot of the virgen (3.900 m). From here we can reach the „Nuevos refuge“ refuge in a 3- to 4-hour hike. Here we will give you some tips for climbing, check the equipment, rest and eat a great dinner.

Day 2: To reach the summit, we leave the refuge after breakfast at 5:00 am. After about 3 hours we reach the summit, where we can admire the breathtaking Andean landscape from there. After taking pictures, we return to the refuge, pack our things and return to Quito.

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