Trekking Cotopaxi

The Cotopaxi volcano, is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world, dominates the entire landscape of the protected area, very close to several cities such as Quito and Latacunga, the Cotopaxi National Park is one of the most visited tourist places in the country. At its peak at 5,897 meters above sea level it is the perfect place to watch the sunrise and enchantment of the volcano avenue.

Departure from Quito at 07:00 am (Same point of departure and arrival), entering the route of the volcanoes observing the landscapes of the Ecuadorian mountain range to the south, until reaching the Cotopaxi National Park that is 60 km from the city ​​in an approximate time of one hour thirty minutes.

The first stop is at the Caspi control at 3200msm, where we proceed to register and take the opportunity to visit the handicraft stores and stock what we need to continue. After 15 minutes of travel, we will arrive at the Limpiopungo Lagoon at 3,892msm, where you can see wild horses, wild bulls, if we are lucky deer, and its main attraction is the Andean seagull, the gallareta, among other birds of the place and birds Migratory.

We continue on the bus until we reach the parking lot at 4,600 meters above sea level, where we will begin a walk (ascent) that, depending on the physical conditions, will take 45 to 60 minutes along the sandy path, to reach the José Ribas Refuge at 4,864 meters above sea level. Here we can rest and observe the majesty of the Rumiñahui, Sincholagua, Pasochoa and Ilinizas volcanoes while enjoying a hot drink.

Once hydrated we resume the walk for about 25 minutes which is what is usually required to reach the glaciers, where you will enjoy the spectacular view and can play in the snow.

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